Monday, July 2, 2012

Trading a book for Dwarves with bows

So, I'm going to send my old Gondor in Flames Book to Drumstick (from The One Ring), in exchange for 12 dwarven warriors. I'm going to convert them all into archers, for example swapping the handed weapons of the Dwarves for bows. So, within 3 or 4 days, I'll post the conversions, then I'll have a break to go on vacation, and after that I'll get them (as I'll paint them in my vacation) online as soon as possible, and after that I'm going to post much more, like Battle Reports (already got around 5 challenges), other Dwarves like Ragnar, leader of the Iron Guard, of course together with his Iron Guards. Hope you'll like them. About the Battle Reports, One's probably going to be 700 points against Gondor, one 500 points against Moria, but the others aren't sure yet. But, it's time to finaly bring my stuff to the Post Office. Bye.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

First Post

Hey everybody(I guess only me for a couple of days)

Well, since I saw some blogs on The One Ring, I decided to make my own. Hope you're going to like it. My first projects will be some Dwarven Archers, and maybe some Iron Guards. The Archers will be online within a week, the Iron Guards'll take longer, however in the time between I'll post things like storylines for my army, and other stuff.